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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. This is fantastic. You are greeted with such professionalism. The staff answered all my questions and treated me with fantastic respect. If you honestly care about your health you need to visit Body Works! I lost over 3 inches in my first session! The staff guides you all the way! They are professional cheerleaders! Pictures can’t explain how great the results are!! The sessions are very private and they even have a private back entrance. This place is worth the visit!! Make your appointment soon! It will change your life!!!

Mario Alberto Ramos JR

Before I went to body work I was a very unhappy size 18, then I went to see them and they have become one of my biggest blessings. My very first session I lost a huge six inches from my stomach and in one month I lost 12 1/2 inches and went form a size 18 to a size 12! It’s been 2 months and I’ve lost 14 inches from my stomach and I am at a loose size 12. I just did my back and lost 5 huge inches my very first time! Body works has changed me not only physically but emotionally too. I recommend it to everyone! I am the most skeptical person there is and I did it and I am living proof that it really works!! I love Body Works and all the staff that works there and have become my awesome support system and friends. Body Works is the REAL DEAL. Body works has changed my life FOREVER!!! I’m so blessed to be their client. No words can describe what I feel inside with how I look now. Pure and total happiness.

Bonnie HernandezOn-Air Personality

This place is truly amazing, was pretty skeptical at first but I’m happy i was actually WRONG! i’m glad to see that this truly does WORK. The service is AMAZING and the technicians in my opinion are the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY!

Alex DuranOn Air Personality

I’m the type to try something once before I give my opinion… I can honestly say I recommend this is one session I lost 5 inches in just one hour! Sure it’s pricey but plastic surgery cost more and is painful. This was quick and easy, did I mention the great service! Thanks BODY WORKS for everything!

Rose Medina

This place is out of control! The staff here almost seem as if they come from out of town…They are extremely professional and know what their doing. I’ve visited other places and medical facilities and quite frankly, those places don’t come close to the results I got here. 4 inches on my first session…then I came back later and lost another 3. I like going to the gym and have been going for some time but it would have literally taken me at least 2-3 months hittin’ it hard to get the results I got here in my two 50 minute sessions. Also, they got a gym facility for spin cycling classes and zumba … because of my schedule though, I hit up the 10 minute work out machines. I’ve been blown away here and would recommend this place to all yall that have been doing it the hard way…This place is a no brainer if your looking for the safest and fastest results. Thanks BW!


What we do


Non-invasive Low Sound Wave and Radio Frequency is a method of fat removal and body shaping, such as for the stomach, flanks, thighs, neck, back, chest and buttocks. The process is FDA Cleared and has been developed and utilized in several countries all over the world as an alternative to liposuction.

These new technologies focus the Low Sound Wave and radio frequency to target the fat cells in the body and essentially disrupts the fat. The disrupted fat cells are easier for the body’s metabolic and/or Lymphatic system to process safely without the need of an invasive procedure.

Specifically, Low Sound Wave frequency is targeted to speed up the break down of fat. The Low Sound Wave enters the adipose cell beneath the dermal layer and vibrates the cell so quickly that it disrupts the fat safely. All of our services are Non Medical Grade, that requires no cutting, no scarring and no recovery time! Effectively disrupts the fat, reduces inches, enhances body tone & shape!

Radio frequency heats the skin and top layer of fat and also promotes the production of collagen, known to naturally tighten, tone and firm the skin. Additionally, it aides in the elasticity of skin rejuvenation and effectively improves stretch marks.

We BeTight ™ system, immediately stimulates the skin to achieve visibly younger looking skin.


Once the fat cells rupture, the body absorbs the fat through the Lymphatic system, processes it in the Liver and the body uses it as energy. The same way it processes a fatty meal.


* On Average, Patients Lose Measurable Fat Loss Immediately After their 1st session.

* A targeted area like the belly & love handles could knock off 1 to 3 inches of broken down fat around circumference and enhance the conception of baby-fresh collagen.

* Each session is very effective, but combined sessions can smooth out bulges and stretch marks, transform cellulite dimples, and snap loose skin back to its natural tightness. Although clients can see immediate results, multiple sessions are recommended for best results.

On average, we recommend sessions 3-5 days apart.

The NEW, smart, affordable, NON-INVASIVE alternative to LIPO! With Safe and Pain Free Technologies clients see measurable Inch Reduction immediately after first session!

The claims made about specific products and/or services throughout this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This is NOT a medical facility or a medical treatment. All equipment used is Non-Medical grade and unique to the BWULC system.

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