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What is Body Works Ultra Lipo Clinic ®?

Body Works Ultra Lipo Clinic ® is a FRANCHISE and has become a leader in the Body Wellness & Weight Management industry. BODY WORKS is revolutionizing the medical weight-loss industry bringing a NEW Alternative to Liposuction with a fast effective twist to custom fat disruption & weight management options, that guarantee same day results in as little as 50 minutes! 

We are NOT a Medical Facility!

We specialize in unique proprietary methods that help encourage a healthier, safer and smarter lifestyle. Providing alternatives that can fight fat, sculpt beautiful waist lines, smooth out cellulite, and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with machines & methods that actually get results. Unlike surgical liposuction, our services are non medical grade and require NO medical doctor &  NO recovery period. Our certified personnel are here to serve everyone with excellent customer service and will provide the specific services tailored to your needs.  With our proprietary Body Works System we can help you achieve your permanent weight loss goals and instantly improve self-esteem.  Our Ultra Lipo system will reshape the future of non-invasive cosmetic procedures forever. 


At  Body Works Ultra Lipo Clinic ® every sessions is designed to fit the clients personal GOAL, LIFESTYLE and most importantly, their BUDGET. Regardless of where they are in life, they quickly realize successful weight management is easy, safe and priceless.

PERSONAL: Using safe and pain free technologies we can target ANY part of the body and begin to disrupt fat INSTANTLY.

LIFESTYLE: Our sessions are designed to be 100% NON-INVASIVE & PAIN FREE requiring no medical attention or restrictions thus allowing clients to resume normal daily activities with NO DOWNTIME.

BUDGET: With sessions that start at only $100 per sessions, we make LIPO a thing of the past.

Body Works ® Signature Guarantee 

If you do not loose a minimum of 1/2 inch on your first ultra liposage ™ session, the sessions is FREE! So what do you have to lose? Set up an appointment today!

Now serving

Texas in Three locations!

McAllen, TX- 956.616.1554

Brownsville, TX- 956.330.4341

Mission, TX- 956.252.7772

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The Body Works Way

Target Problem Areas

Target those stubborn areas with our non-invasive Ultra Lipo ™ Sessions! Let us help you fight excess fat, cellulite, stretch marks and tighten skin with one sessions! Ultra Lipo ™ Sessions can target fat in specific problem areas such as the stomach, upper arms, abdomen, chest, back, thighs, legs, and buttocks; fat can be broken down and disrupted specifically in that area. Our Ultra Lipo ™ offers a big advantage to diet and exercise.  Ultra Lipo ™ Sessions will shape the future for Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures forever.


Ultra Lipo ® sessions aids to reshape your body instantly!  Ultra Lipo ® sessions are pain free & non-invasive, which our customers have found to deliver consistent, immediate and lasting results . These sessions are fast, safe, non-medical grade and non-surgical. Revolutionizing body shaping globally. Our technologies use low pain-free sound waves to disrupt stubborn fat cells stored in common body areas. See what the media is saying about this new technology.


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The NEW, smart, affordable, NON-INVASIVE alternative to LIPO! With Safe and Pain Free Technologies clients see measurable Inch Reduction immediately after first session!

The claims made about specific products and/or services throughout this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This is NOT a medical facility or a medical treatment. All equipment used is Non-Medical grade and unique to the BWULC system.

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